• Survival Chinese

    Fewer people in China speak English than you might expect.


    Don't get lost on your big adventure.


    Enroll in our Survival Chinese lesson and get 4 hours of online tuition for as little as $49!

  • Survival Chinese

    Learn the basics and don't get lost in China

    Food, drink, and shelter

    Make sure you've got the necessary skills to

      • make basic greetings and conversation
      • buy food and drink in shops and restaurants
      • book and check in/out at a hotel
      • travel in China

      Local customs

      Many things in China are done differently

      Don't get caught out by thinking that things in China are done in the same way to your home nation. Take this course and learn how even simple things like ordering a taxi and paying for groceries can be made significantly easier if you know how.

    • Who's it for?

      Is this the course for you?


      Make it the best holiday

      A holiday to China can be an amazing experience - walk the Great Wall, visit the Imperial Palace in Beijing, see the Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an. Just make sure to learn the vocabulary you need to get around and don't miss things because you can't ask the right questions.

      Business Travellers

      Impress your clients

      Customs in China are pretty different to a lot of other places. Make sure your meetings go well by learning some phrases to meet and greet, and, more importantly, learning the right customs and behaviors that will help you seal the deal!

      Moving to China

      Get settled in

      The more language you know the less stressful everything is in China.

      If you're moving house and relocating into China, we'll teach you how to make the days go a bit more smoothly.

    • Seriously simple price

      Each student will have their own separate log in details and can take the class from separate locations.



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