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    Go from complete beginner to

    lower advanced in six months

  • Small classes

    Happy Hutong

    Professional, licensed teaching team

    Cultural activities and field trips

  • 20 Hours per week

    Our intensive course can be paired with private tutoring if you would like to take more than 4 hours per day.

    5 Levels​

    See progress and improvement as you move through our level system.

    X2 Study Visa

    We are a licensed school and will sponsor your visa.

    Small Classes

    Most classes run with between 2 and 5 students.

    Rest assured you'll get all the help you need with a guaranteed max of 10.

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  • Great times in China

    Learn Chinese in China in the Sinology Institute's Intensive Chinese Program. Our course has been specially designed for students wishing to advance their Chinese at a high pace. Students will take classes 20 hours a week for as long a period of time as desired (as a private school the Sinology Institute only takes off official holidays). The ICP aims to have students at HSK level 5 (out of 6) within one year.

    HSK 5 is a prerequisite to enter most Chinese universities.

    The ICP is a great option for foreign students and professionals wishing to advance their Mandarin skills in a very short time. The course separates speaking, listening and reading from handwriting.

    The course aims to have students speaking and reading at a basic linguistic competency level (HSK 3) within three months.

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