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Prep China Online Course

Learn the essential Mandarin you will need in China.
Before you arrive in China.

25 hours later, you'll arrive in China speaking Mandarin. And you'll be able to read crucial characters.

Prep for China Mandarin online classes are designed for absolute beginners to learn some basic Mandarin Chinese before arriving in China. They are suitable for interns and professionals coming to live and work in China.

Learn the Foundation

PrepChina’s curriculum is equivalent to A1-1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFRL). This means you will learn the foundation of Mandarin language really well.

Continue learning

PrepChina is also the first level of the Comprehensive Course of mmMandarin. So, if you want to advance your Mandarin level using our method, you definitely can!

Proprietary method

PrepChina is the only course using both the Smart Tone System (STS) and the Separation of Script and Speech (3S) approaches to solve the pronunciation and recognition problems of learning Mandarin speech and Chinese characters.

Within one 42 hour module of online live study with a teacher,
students will learn:

244 basic words.

320 popular short sentences and expressions related to common daily settings.

To properly read, listen and competently understand 648 sentences.

To input Chinese characters using a keyboard.

To recognize 193 Chinese characters and learn the etymology of these characters.

To be able to read short passages.

Detailed Introduction of PrepChina

With PrepChina, learners will start to understand the differences between the Chinese language and their mother tongue or other languages that they have already acquired, and stay alert to the negative transfer effects of them.

Learners will begin to develop a confidence and an interest in learning the Chinese language. What’s more, by starting to speak Mandarin, students will gain introductory Chinese cultural knowledge and preliminary cross-cultural awareness.

Chinese Language Knowledge

Keyboard Output

  • Able to use the most recommended keyboard input methods and settings (input to computer).
  • Able to output characters with Pinyin.
  • Able to type words and sentences.
  • Able to create tailormade words.

Theme and Functions

  • Simple phrases for social interaction.
  • Greetings, thanks, apologies, farewells.
  • opics related to family, personal life, hobbies, daily life, numbers, time, date and currency.

Spoken Communication

  • Able to use sentences, read longer passages and understand their stream of thought.
  • Able to grab the stem of a sentence with an understanding of modifiers and limiters.
  • ble to perceive figures of speech in Mandarin.


  • Can repeat, retell and recite sentences learned with the right tones.
  • Can use basic emotions expressions.
  • Can use brief expressions related to personal and daily life.
  • Can initiate and respond to simple greetings.
  • Can address new acquaintances, do self-introduction.
  • Can exchange personal information.
  • Can use numbers.
  • Can express basic needs and wants.
  • Can use basic classroom expressions and make requests.
  • Can seek assistance.
  • Can describe a person or an object using basic expressions.
  • an effortlessly do word substitution with sentence patterns learnt.


  • Can understand basic expressions relating to feelings;
  • Can understand basic, familiar and well-pronounced words, simple sentences and classroom expressions related to personal and daily activities.
  • Can guess or deduce the meaning or intention of the speaker when a sentence is not well received.
  • Can understand expressions related to personal and daily life.
  • Can understand and respond to simple greetings.
  • Can understand numerals.
  • Can exchange personal information.
  • Can understand basic expressions of needs and wants.
  • Can understand basic classroom expressions and instructions.


  • Able to read 244 words and recognize most characters through the context.
  • Able to recognize 73 common radicals or components.
  • Can extract information from context even when there are unrecognized characters.
  • Able to read sentences with proper names.
  • Will have built up proper reading habits, such as integrated reading, and can bravely guess the meaning when there are unknown characters.
  • Will have good understanding of all sentences or discourse related to learnt themes or topics.
  • Able to grasp the main idea of a passage.


  • Can rewrite (type on a keyboard) common sentences, which students have already learnt to speak and listen.
  • Can use keyboard to compose self-introduction, sentences and simple discourses with personal information or interests.
  • Able to use keyboard to compose passages longer than 50 characters.
  • Can send messages with email, cellphone or tablet.
  • Able to express more complicated ideas with mixed Chinese characters, English words and Pinyin.

Cultural Awareness

  • Learn the relationship between Chinese and Mandarin (pǔtōnghuà).
  • Learn the differences in thinking between the Chinese and the learner.
  • Learn cuisine and customs of the Chinese culture.
  • Know both linguistic and non-linguistic means of communication in Chinese culture.
  • Learn basic social etiquettes and customs in Chinese culture.
  • Learn about interpersonal relations in Chinese culture.
  • Experience the Chinese cultural value-system.
  • Examine commonalities and differences between Chinese culture and learner's own culture.
  • Experience cultural phenomena in China.
  • Experience vision of the world from different perspectives via learning about Chinese language and culture.

Class Packages

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Price Total $400 $760
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* All prices in USD
* One class hour is equivalent to 50 minutes of class.

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