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Practice Conversational Mandarin Online

Mandarin speaking practice!
So you can sharpen or maintain your Mandarin speaking level.


In one year of dedicated study (200 hours of class), students can reach pre-advanced level of Mandarin speaking and listening.

More Practice Time

We will have students speaking at least 50% of the class time with a real teacher using a structured curriculum.

No need to worry about Chinese characters

We focus on speaking first, and will slowly add characters as the student becomes used to the language.

Structured methodology:
Vocabulary has well-designed recurrence which guarantees recognition and memorization of new words.

Practical content:
More than 100 situations have been allocated in 100 lessons with various difficulty levels for all topics.

Proprietary Pinyin tones' marking system is used to train students on correct pronunciation.

Qualified teachers students can choose from:
Be able to change teachers so as to practice your conversation with other native speakers

Get to Know Us!

Learn about mmMandarin’s method in 3-steps:

1 Free Trial

a truly no strings attached trial, so you can learn about mmMandarin’s proprietary method of teaching Mandarin fast and effectively.

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2 Introductory Package

a small commitment at a very special price to improve your Mandarin with mmMandarin. In only 3 classes, you will see that you will become so much more comfortable with the language.

3 classes for only US$49

3 Class Packages

a bigger step into Mandarin learning to truly advance your Mandarin proficiency. Choose from 4-week to 1-semester packages, and renew as you wish.


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Price per hour $20
Price Total $2000You save $500
Personalized Online Classroom
PDF Study Materials
Audio Materials
Discount in other mmMandarin Products 5%

* All prices in USD
* One class is 50 minutes long

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