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Powerful tool to improve your Mandarin Chinese pronunciation

Course designed for people whose Mandarin is intermediate level or above.
10 weeks of class to fix all your Mandarin Chinese pronunciation problems.

Be Understood

The pronunciation of Chinese words can be difficult. Get the tones right, so people understand what you mean. Avoid embarrassing mistakes once and for all.

Be Praised

Mandarin is a musical language and getting the pronunciation right to most Chinese professional is the most important. A lot more important than just a lot of vocabulary or reading.

It is not too late

Bad habits for advanced speakers can be fixed with a few tips. Beginner and intermediate students should start pronunciation on the right track as soon as possible.

Only correct and proper pronunciation can help you feel the beauty of Chinese language.

Jiao Yu, creator of Pronunciation Program curriculum

Professionally Developed:
This Chinese pronunciation guide is designed and delivered by A+ Mandarin Speaking Certificate holders (Normal Chinese teachers only need a B+ Certificate to be able to teach). This training program combines many techniques used by professional Mandarin speakers like television anchormen or talk show presenters, and other pronunciation techniques specially designed for foreigners.

Structured Method:
A series of 67 pronunciation training drills to help correct various pronunciation problems.

Visualized Tone Mark system:
Proprietary smart tone mark system allows the student to visualize the pitch and tone changes of pronunciation materials, rather than over reliance on Pinyin. This system shows the tone changes of “yī”, “bù”, “third tone variations” which are usually considered the most confusing points in Mandarin. Students have the chance to combine visual clues for correct pronunciation.

Word Stress:
Professional Chinese speakers always emphasize each syllable (they “bite” each syllable). Through the correct “biting” of a character, superb professional Chinese speakers enable the audience to understand each single syllable from the distance, which is especially important when one wants to make an impressive lecture. To allow another Chinese to understand clearly, a student of Mandarin also needs to master this technique.

Rhythm and Sentence stress and Utterance Tips:
Stop copying the pronunciation of digital dictionaries and learn how to pronounce the syllables in sentences with correct and humanized rhythm and speech flow.

Useful and interesting training materials:
Materials for this Mandarin pronunciation training program include popular words and sentences and literary pieces. Students enlarge their vocabulary and learn new topics at the same time.

What students do right is the same, but what students do wrong is all different. Pronunciation training needs to cater to students individually. This program also includes 120 of after-class interactions with the teacher to support students’ homework pronunciation exercises, via messaging apps like WeChat or Whatsapp.


  • 3-D pronunciation correction methods specially designed for foreigners:
    Pitch (vocal range), length of syllable enunciation, desiccation (dry pronunciation)

  • 6 proprietary visualized tone marks better suited for learners of Mandarin

  • 10 modules
    Each module includes:1 hour teaching, 3 hours worth of practice materials per module, two daily pronunciation exercises to be sent to teacher on messaging platform (WhatsApp or WeChat)

  • 10 weeks of pronunciation exercises and training

  • 26 types of mistakes and flaws of Mandarin pronunciation and speaking

  • 34 discourses and literary pieces for holistic training Go beyond daily dialogues and newspaper reading

  • 67 serial training methods, as used by professional Chinese anchormen or lecturers to perfect pronunciation

  • 120 interactions on WeChat or Whatsapp for individual tutoring

  • 207 sentences trained for speaking flow

  • 4534 popular words (including 850 words out of HSK) drilled and perfected for pronunciation

Check a sample of materials you will be working with to learn Chinese pronunciation online

Take our Chinese pronunciation online course to fix your pronunciation problems!

10 modules – USD 800

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