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Live Online HSK Course

Reach your desired HSK level faster and better

HSK LevelUnique VocabularyCumulative VocabularyUnique CharactersClass Hours
1 150 150 174 30
2 150 300 173 30
3 300 600 270 60
4 600 1,200 447 120
5 1,300 2,500 621 200
6 2,500 5,000 978 300

Master 10 new vocabulary words each lesson

In every lesson of two class hours, 10 to 15 new HSK test vocabulary words will be taught to the student. After 30 class hours the student will have covered all the vocabulary necessary to pass HSK test level 1. Therefore, to learn all 5,000 vocabulary words, starting from no previous Mandarin Chinese knowledge to HSK test level 6, it is necessary to have 740 class hours.

Check out our free new HSK Vocabulary and Grammar Dictionaries

New HSK Vocabulary Dictionary

New HSK Grammar Dictionary

Lessons broken-down into 7 exercises

Each lesson consists of 7 exercises that allow the student to completely master the new vocabulary. The main goals accomplished for mastering each word are:

  • Recognition of Chinese characters
  • Correct pronunciation and tone
  • Definition of individual characters
  • Proper usage of the vocabulary word in various sentences
  • Hold a conversation using mastered words

Why take the HSK?

Pass the HSK Test to get into Chinese university

Pass the HSK Test to apply for scholarships at Chinese university

Pass the HSK test to add an impressive skill to your CV

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