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Comprehensive Mandarin Online Course

Study with a real teacher one-to-one online.
Making it easy to reach a basic level of spoken mandarin.
Zero to advanced level in 522 class hours.

Structured curriculum:
Classes are built on one another to guarantee student progress.

Holistic learning:
Listening, reading, speaking, and composition(writing) are all skills that student will develop.

Character recognition:
Etymology studying of more than 180 radicals and components can help students recognize most Chinese characters.

Reading materials:
450,000 characters worth of reading materials to guarantee the student a naturally acquired language sense. The reading materials are updated constantly.

Self-study practice:
60% of nouns in Chinese are self-generated, which means students can learn by themselves after we teach them the proper method to learn.

Keyboard output training:
Recognition of characters and reading is not based on handwriting practice. Proper keyboard output training can help student communicate in writing.

The relation between mmMandarin Course and the HSK

1. mmMandarin includes all HSK vocabulary and grammars

2. All HSK words been “organically practiced/taught” as key words.

3. All extra words of mmMandarin is designed for easy and deeper understanding of HSK words. After each mmMandarin level, HSK exam become very easy. The extra words (use orange font for "extra words") used in mmMandarin just make it easier for learners to use and understand the words tested by the HSK.

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Price per hour $25
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PDF Study Materials
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* All prices in USD
* One class hour is equivalent to 50 minutes of class.
* After each level, a student gets a certification of completion from an accredited educational institution in Beijing, China.

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