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About mmMandarin

mmMandarin is the online platform for the online programs created by the Sinology Institute, a Mandarin school and a research institute for Mandarin language based in Beijing, China.

Since its founding in 2005, the Sinology Institute’s objective has been to provide a revolutionary method for learning Mandarin to students around the world. The methods that currently exist for Mandarin learning are created under the assumption that Mandarin is difficult, useless, boring and only able to be learned in China. mmMandarin’s method is based on the 3S method that separates script from speech. With its focus on speech first, script second, mmMandarin is ambitious to say that with its methods, students achieve conversational proficiency in a year. Offering this course in an online platform allows student from all over the world to learn Mandarin with professionally qualified and certified teachers.

mmMandarin is an opportunity for the Sinology Institute to showcase its research on how students can learn Mandarin faster. mmMandarin is an opportunity for students around the world to learn Mandarin in a more convenient, effortless, efficient and useful manner.

The Sinology Institute

The Sinology Institute is a government licensed institution of linguistic research and Mandarin language learning whose primary purpose is the advancement of Mandarin learning techniques through constant research and its immediate application in class. The Sinology Institute is part of a select group of Mandarin language licensed schools in China whose purpose is to teach.*

*Most Mandarin language providers in China are companies, not schools.

About Datong Chinese

Datong Chinese is the name of the curriculum developed by the Sinology Institute. It has online and offline versions.

Makes it possible for everybody to study Chinese.

Students do not need to be extraordinarily smart or stubborn.

So Datong Chinese gives the Chinese language a fair chance to be chosen to be a second language.

About Dàtóng

Datong means a state of harmony in the world. Datong is achieved when people with different opinions live in harmony by exercising mutual understanding and respect. Learning another language is one of the best paths to Dàtóng.

The Teachers

Jiao Yu is one of the founders of the Sinology Institute. He has a Masters in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Peking University, the best university in China. He has 12 years of Chinese teaching experience, including having worked as a scriptwriter and producer for Chinese educational documentaries. He is in the second phase of writing and publishing his own Chinese textbook using the latest and most progressive teaching and studying methods of Mandarin.

The Sinology Institute is composed of a group of 40 teachers. To be a teacher for Sinology Institute, it is necessary to prove academic and professional experience, and this is not taken lightly. Teachers either need to show at least 3 years or 1000 hours of teaching experience. Not only that, but even experienced teachers are trained weekly to improve their skills. The Sinology Institute’s teachers with the highest degrees hold PhDs in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and other teachers have, at least, a Bachelor’s degree.

We hope to make this experience learning Mandarin the best you have ever had. Learn more here or book a free trial now. Good luck!