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    Comprehensive Mandarin Chinese

  • The best skills for life and China

    This course delivers a strong set of language skills that reflect the way you will need to use Chinese in real life. Passing exams is great, but this course is designed to make you an expert at using the language and not just analyzing it. If you are specifically preparing to take an HSK examination, we have dedicated classes for this here.

  • HSK+

    Our curriculum is designed that every level teaches the vocabulary and grammar to pass it's relevant HSK exam, whilst also providing students with a large amount of relevant material for everyday life.

    Structured Learning

    Our classes develop and build on material that has been learned previously. This way students regularly recap recent material and learn faster.

    Zero to Hero

    With our teaching method, online learning platform, and some practice, students can go from complete beginner to advanced level in as little as 200-300 hours. Our program is roughly 500 hours to general fluency.

  • 5


    0.5 (half)

    the length of our course compared to traditional university courses


    Vocabulary required for general fluency

    6 months

    Some students complete the curriculum and pass HSK5 with a high score in just half a year


    Students who say they need to learn to write with a pen

  • Comprehensive Mandarin

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