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Medical care issues in China

This article features 83.46% of vocabulary within HSK level 3.

The Chinese health services industry

Just as any other market in China, the market for health services is huge. And with a 1.4 billion population, even the most niche markets are mind-bogglingly large in absolute terms. Understandably, both foreign and domestic companies are fighting for a share of the pie. Because the pie tastes so good, some even resort to the not-completely-legal to get a better foothold. Foreign companies still command a level of respect among consumers, that Chinese companies are only slowly catching up to. Printing a "Made in Germany" on your packaging can easily justify double the price and people still buy it over more generic versions. Here's another reason for inflation, perhaps.

Chinese cynicism

The market for medical services in China is in reality little regulated and therefore prone to exploitation. Those with the most power (doctors, hospital staff, pharma) may use this power for personal gain (How much should I stuff in my 红包 hong2bao1?; in Chinese) which understandably creates cynicism among hospital goers as for the quality of treatment they may receive. On the other hand, there may be many health professionals who act with professionalism and integrity but will, nevertheless, be thrown together with the bad eggs.

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