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Level One = 42 class hours

Live teaching from the start saves time and money in the long run.


Learn online: After enter our virtual classroom, you just need an Internet connection and a VoIP system to take classes with our teacher. Our teachers are all certified native Chinese. The teacher will give further instructions if needed.


Our proprietary curriculum focuses on ORGANIC LEARNING. We introduce words so that students intrinsically comprehend them, thus eliminating the burden of rote memorization that typically slows students down.


Doing two hours a day for one month, our students can pass HSK1. Our students can go from zero to full Chinese conversational proficiency in 5 months.


Our curriculum is tailored specifically for each individual student, so in all lesson topics, teachers provide new vocabulary that is relevant to each student

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About mmMandarin

Mandarin language based in Beijing, China. mmMandarin is the online platform of the Sinology Institute, a Chinese language school and research institute based in Beijing. mmMandarin is the Sinology Institute's global platform to showcase its research on how non-native speakers can learn Mandarin more easily and efficiently.

Using mmMandarin's curriculum, a complete beginner can achieve advanced level proficiency in only 522 class hours. Using mmMandarin online, students around the world can learn Chinese in a more convenient, effortless and efficient manner within 6 months of intensive study.

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Learn Chinese in 1/3 the usual time. Compare the number of hours needed for learning Chinese in traditional curricula vs ours.


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