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Making mandarin learning useful to people around the world



Learn online: you just need an Internet connection and a VoIP system to take classes with our certified and native Chinese teachers


Our proprietary curriculum focuses on organic learning, so Mandarin speaking and character recognition is not a burden to students


Our structured curriculum allows the student to achieve Chinese conversational proficiency in one year


Our curriculum is tailored specifically for each individual student, so in all lesson topics, teachers provide new vocabulary that is relevant to each student

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About mmMandarin

mmMandarin is the online platform for the online programs created by the Sinology Institute, a Mandarin school and a research institute for Mandarin language based in Beijing, China.

mmMandarin is an opportunity for the Sinology Institute to showcase its research on how students can learn Mandarin faster. mmMandarin is an opportunity for students around the world to learn Mandarin in a more convenient, effortless, efficient and useful manner.

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